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My name is WinterStorm I'm EMO and I'm single looking 4 a new EMO/Gothic GF. My favorite band is Black Veil Brides. I have depression and panic attacks. I have been EMO at age 18 due 2 cutting but now I don't cut anymore I'm lesbian and not a christian. My favorite color is black and I love black cats. My favorite month is October because of Halloween because I do celebrate Halloween. I don't celebrate Christmas anymore and I'm sensitive 2 rude people and loud noises. I cry all the time maybe 4 a week or a month. My favorites are Hello Kitty,My Little Pony,EMO girls,EMO clothes,EMO accessories,piercings,converse shoes. I'm allergic 2 cigarette smoke and I don't drugs. I'm against bullying,alcohol.animal abuse,child abuse,,teen drugs,underage , and teen drugs. I can be a little bit bossy and cranky so I don't have time 4 annoying people. I only date girls ages between 18 to 22 only! I don't date older women just ages 18 to 22! My nicknames are Rainbow Dash,Midnight and Buttercup. 
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